Club history and Philosophy

Athletico Soccer Academy (ASA) was formed in 2013 with the intention to provide an Elite tranning experience for youth soccer players at an affordable cost. We operate as an indepent, self-supporting organization to provide a wide range of opportunities for our players. 

Our club philosophy is to provide a safe, physical, and fun environment for soccer to allow youth players develop their long-term athletic skills needed as a foundation for a great soccer player. Our goal for developing a player is to help them understand their individual skills and strengths, as well as to develop and continually improve in such areas as cooperation, teamwork, discipline, decision making, and leadership through a positive experience for each player.

Our primary focus is the growth and development of each player, as an individual and as a team; higher-level soccer training helps the player to develop confidence, great teamwork, and (most importantly) belief in themselves. Our expectations for a player consist of knowing the rules, exhibiting respect, participating to the best of their ability, and being willing to learn. Respect is very important to our club - not simply for the players to respect their coach, but also to show respect for the rules of the game, their teammates, opponents, and referees.

Communication, listening, and understanding are the best ways to develop a great player - setting an example of sportsmanship as a club and as a coach are also important. Our core values as a club can be summed up in a word - commitment. We are committed to provide a positive, respectful, safe, enjoyable, and challenging learning environment for young players - an environment where every player is given the opportunity to learn and exhibit good sportsmanship, understanding of the game, trust, and responsibility to themselves and their team.

 As a club, we expect parents to embody and model respect as well. This includes faithfully committing to bring their child to ALL practices and games, supporting coaches’ decisions, and understanding the responsibility of the coach. We also expect parents to understand that they represent the team and their behavior matters to the players; they should create a positive atmosphere on their sideline, regardless of the score of the game or the behavior of the opposite team's parents. Parents can and should expect the coaches to be responsible for their player's safety and health during practices and games, as well as to provide instructions to the players to improve their level of skills.

Coaches must be a role model to players, game officials, opposite teams and parents. Coaches must communicate clearly the importance of respect from the very first practice. They must lead by example; therefore, players and parents can expect them to know the rules, model respect, participate fully in every practice, and show a willingness to teach and learn throughout their coaching experience.

The behavior of every coach is very importance to the club. If a coach behavior is not to the club standards and fail to follow this philosophy that coach will be remove immediately and be released from their coaching duties.
Athletico Soccer Academy has NO tolerance for any inappropriate behavior from coaches, players, or parents.  

Jose Portillo
Founder/Club President